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Starting this has been one of the most exciting, scariest, emotional things we've ever done. Stillbirth isn't something that's discussed often -- it's uncomfortable and tragic and unfair. Nothing that we do will ever erase the pain of losing Caleb, and we know that nothing we can do for others will make losing their precious babies any easier either. But we do feel like we can do something.

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Perspective Over Perfection

Caleb was an unexpected gift. He snuck into our life as quietly and peacefully as he left it. My husband and I had been talking about trying for another baby, wanting to time it out perfectly.
Balancing life, work schedules, our then-2 year old, and the timing for the new baby’s arrival. Without regard to our perfect plan, *poof* there he was, two pink lines on a pregnancy test.
I had a normal pregnancy. This was something I could control – rules to follow, a timeline, and check list of things to go through. I could control this 40 weeks, it was the after that scared me; when the world can get its hands on your perfect little person and control goes out the window.

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