Thank you so much for visiting The CAL Foundation. We are so humbled that you are here.

Starting this has been one of the most exciting, scariest, emotional things we've ever done. Stillbirth isn't something that's discussed often -- it's uncomfortable and tragic and unfair. Nothing that we do will ever erase the pain of losing Caleb, and we know that nothing we can do for others will make losing their precious babies any easier either. But we do feel like we can do something.

While we've experienced a lot of heartache, pain, and emptiness after losing him, we have had the most incredible support system. People who've allowed us to talk about him freely, who've "counted" him in our lives, who've given of themselves in an effort to lighten some of the weight we carry. 

We are inspired by those people. Those who have shown up for us in so many ways. One of those ways was through monetary donations to help with the unexpected costs. We were so blessed by those -- and they ended up being the catalyst for this foundation. Knowing we could never change the outcome, but we could help ease some of the financial burden. 

At the end of the day -- we are Caleb's mommy and daddy, and we're just trying to make the world remember that he lived. We're choosing to do that by spreading light and goodness in his name and we can't wait to see how bright we can make it.


With so much gratitude,

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  • JUdy DIck on

    Caleb’s foundation is such a beautiful and loving way of honoring and remembering him. He is in my heart every moment as you, Chad, Colin and Carter are.

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